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LogiLab, QYOU Marketing GmbH: Optimal Seating Arrangement at Networking Events

QYOU Marketing GmbH: Optimal Seating Arrangement at Networking Events


The QYOU Marketing GmbH (QYOU) is a Swiss marketing agency with a focus on holistic, effective marketing, which founded an independent business club in 2021. The Praxis Club, a nationwide business club for professionals and executives, regularly hosts networking events and provides access to a native app and web platform.

Initial situation

QYOU wants to improve and automate the labor-intensive manual process of seat planning for networking events of the Praxis Club. The goal is to place people at tables in such a way that they complement each other, and an interesting exchange is facilitated.


LogiLab has developed a software tool with a simple Graphical User Interface. This tool automatically creates optimal seating arrangements by analyzing, among other things, the industry affiliations of the participants and seating arrangements of past events and placing people who go well together at the same table. This ensures that the expected overall benefit or overall satisfaction of all participants is maximized. To calculate these optimal seating arrangements, the tool uses evolutionary algorithms, a method of Artificial Intelligence.


With the help of this software tool, QYOU was able to reduce the time required for the seating arrangement design of the networking events of the Praxis Club by 80-90%. In addition, the tool can automatically find better seating arrangements and avoid potential errors that may occur during manual seating arrangement design.

Nicolas has developed an application for us, which through mathematical calculations has given us a significant advantage in the field of organization of networking events. The professionalism, the appreciation and the final result convinced us and we are looking forward to the future cooperation with LogiLab AG.
Florian Hasler, Managing Director QYOU Marketing GmbH

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